Lindy founded her company to support and inspire women. Through Let Your Color Out, Lindy speaks at conferences, classrooms, and meetings. She offers Creativity Coaching, books, and merchandise—all with the intention of inspiring type-A women to start the journey of softening into a new walk of grace and unconditional self-acceptance.

“I want to help other women uncover the aspects of themselves that years of distraction and ‘productivity’ have stuffed,” says Lindy.

In her speaking and coaching, Lindy doesn’t shy away from telling the truth—neither about her difficult journey nor about what women need to address in their own journeys. Her talks and sessions help women learn how to be nice to themselves, and ultimately how to trust themselves. She shares the ah-ha moments and realizations that played an important part in accepting and celebrating herself. Identifying Alpha Female tendencies, Lindy provides tools that help women shed beliefs that squelch the spirit—finding a place of emotional stability, balance, and authenticity.

“As we learn to offer ourselves kindness and compassion, it naturally ripples out into our homes, our families, and our communities. Join me on the 500-Year Plan,” Lindy shares.


Lindy tailors speaking events to specific topics and action items. Lindy’s talks are witty, honest, and inspiring.

Compassionist Coaching

Lindy’s coaching sessions include 3–5 meetings and are personalized for each client. Her classes include combinations of:

  • “Ploga” (Pilates and yoga)
  • Energy management
  • Chakra clearing
  • Creativity Coaching


Learn About Lindy’s Non-Profit

Underground Kindness is Lindy’s non profit and helps assist the shift in Public schools by presenting compassionists into classrooms to introduce stress management tools, mindfulness techniques, and unconditional acceptance.

Learn more at UndergroundKindness.org.

Want to be a part of the movement? Want to have a legacy that lasts for generations? Donate here. Your financial gift will help Lindy reach far more women, adolescents, and kids with her message of unconditional self-acceptance.

As audiences hear and adopt Lindy’s messages of honoring, respect, celebration, YOUniqueness and curiosity, they participate in a pay-it-forward movement that exponentially increases the effect of her words. We will never know the reach of our ripple.

A more authentic, honest, and kinder world where people walk with more Grace and intention in the moment is the best return on investment a benefactor could ask for.

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Learn more about Lindy’s non-profit:

underground Kindness