Hire Lindy

Are you a type-A woman? Thriving on the external appreciation, credits, and accomplishments? Might others use “perfect” to describe your life, marriage, kids, schedule, house, hair, body, and lifestyle? Do you get your value from the image you project and having it all together? Do you appear to have everything…but question your path?

Work Philosophy:  To begin living with intention and purpose you must commit to honor and be patient with yourself. I am all about packages as 1-3 sessions really just ignite the change but a 3-6 month package will begin your transformation and give it the time and support to take root.

Empowerment Speaking: Lindy tailors speaking events to specific topics and action items. Lindy’s talks are witty, honest, and inspiring.

Creativity Coaching: Flushing out your colors and supporting your transformation

12 step program: Guiding your transformation and assisting over a 3 month weekly program, examining beliefs and limits you live within, that limit your potential and living on purpose.

Private and partner yoga: Sessions offered in your home or in our Sandpoint Studio, assisting and building your own practice.