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Lindy: Recovering Alpha Female

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Let your quirks become your colors. In The Recovering Alpha Female, Lindy Lewis recounts how her own life has been changed through a series of ah-ha moments.

Introducing the concept of the Recovering Alpha Female, Lindy illuminates her journey from a person bent on “doing” for all of the wrong reasons, to a person in touch with “being” for the right reasons; from a person immersed in measuring up to what “they think,” to one who listens more carefully to how “I feel;” from a person who doubted and even derogated non-Western beliefs, to a person who discovers that “woo-woo” is not necessarily “coo-coo.”

Lindy’s ah-ha moments might be seen as paradigm shifts in thinking that encourage the development of a more relaxed, self-aware, and enjoyable life. Readers will, at the very least, pause to think about and evaluate their own value systems and what they hold important in life.


Leaves me feeling better!

Sep 08, 2015 by Cia

This book just makes me feel better.

A book for all ages!

Aug 14, 2015 by Ashley Alexander

This book is applicable to women of all ages. Whatever walk of life you may find yourself in this book will light the way to better inner balance and understanding. I hope that Lindy's wise and vulnerable insights can reach and guide many young women so that they can live a fuller life without having to endure the painful lessons that she did.

Recovering Alpha Female

Aug 11, 2015 by Janet Snyder

This is a fantastic book, and most inspiring. It gives us all the courage to move forward and be bold about life. I loved this book, and will share it with my daughter.

Insightful and Inspiring

Aug 11, 2015 by Neil

Recovering Alpha Female is pragmatic, bright, insightful, honest and inspiring. I could not wait to gift copies to several friends and family members.
Thank you Lindy.

Valuable and Life Changing

Jun 17, 2015 by Dr. Foster Cline, Author of Parenting with Love and Logic

This book is a very valuable and readable book. It will be life-changing to those who take it's message to heart and practice the ah-ha suggestions Lindy shares.

Truly Life Changing

Jun 17, 2015 by P. Lewis, Lindy's Mom

This book makes me want to start over.

Very Real, Great Read

Jun 17, 2015 by L. Schuh, VP Westcoast Entertainment

I loved it. It is very real, combining humor with true encouragement. It provides a take-away that people will easily remember and be able to instill in their own lives.

Inspirational, Must-Read

Jun 16, 2015 by Emerald

Inspirational, deep, and powerful, this book helps you find fulfillment in your own personal journey. It teaches you to hold space for yourself and experience things in an authentic and very real way. I would recommend adding this to the top of your reading list.

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